Outfit Completion

Brovisor was originally an idea for the Pixel Hack day event in Toronto, Canada 2011. This was a hack-a-thon where you had to create a photo based app. How we decided to utilize photos was by creating an algorithm that scanned the photos uploaded. That idea lead to what we have now, we are a online men's lifstyle and fashion advice site with the merger of fashion and technology. Check out the event re-cap video below.

Pixel Hack Day from Oleg Gutsol on Vimeo.

Our outfit completion technology takes the thinking out of picking what you need to wear; All you do is answer a few questions about your occasion, upload a picture, and our unique algorithm narrows down the options based on norms, rules, trends, and expert advice. What you end up with is a fully completed outfit. You're able to purchase each different item suggested. Consider it like a online stylist. 

Our question is do you guys still want to see this feature happen? Let us know by commenting below.

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